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Kevin Chisholm

Transform yourself from someone who “knows just enough jQuery to be dangerous” to a real Front-End web developer who can write native / Object Oriented JavaScript, architect complicated applications, and own the DOM with complete confidence.

“Kevin is an awesome Front End Developer with fantastic JavaScript knowledge who has helped me to improve my Object Oriented JavaScript Skills.

It was an honor to get training from Kevin with respect to Object Oriented JavaScript principles and how to apply them in my day-to-day Front End work. His approach to explaining hardcore Object Oriented concepts was amazing. He did that by using simple and easily understandable examples and also with a great sense of humor. I am thankful to Kevin for being the coolest and fun teacher, and thanks to him I now have successfully started applying Object Oriented JavaScript methodologies in my work.”

Bhargav KondapalliFront End Web Developer

You Can Learn Native / Object Oriented JavaScript

Fact: The demand for front-end web developers with real native / Object Oriented JavaScript skills is skyrocketing.

Fact: Even in this weak economy, developers who know native / Object Oriented JavaScript are turning down multiple job offers and naming their own price.

Fact: If you are a front-end web-developer and your native JavaScript skills are weak, then you are not going anywhere.

Let’s get to work.

Many front-end web developers are introduced to JavaScript via jQuery. That’s fine. But if you want to be highly employable, you can not hide behind jQuery. Object-Oriented JavaScript is where it’s at.

My JavaScript training services help you to understand the language in a way you never imagined. I will de-mystify concepts that frustrate most developers such as Objects, Closures, Context, Scope and Inheritance. There is no need to fear native JavaScript. It’s a wonderful language that while a bit quirky, is incredibly expressive and powerful.

Join the ranks of Front-End Web Developers who are in serious demand and taking control of their career by leveraging their knowledge of native / Object Oriented JavaScript.

I have over a decade of professional experience in visual design, html/css and have become familiar with javascript by way of jQuery. However everyday it becomes more apparent that a deeper understanding of what is actually going on is essential to progress as a web professional.

As a Javascript coach, Kevin is an excellent educator and is an expert with the javascript language. He has the ability to explain the inner-workings of the language, object oriented strategies and best practices in plain language – an invaluable skill.

Over the course of a 5 week interactive lesson plan, I gained the foundation needed to build my skills with a fuller understanding of how the language can be used to solve real world problems. And beyond that, he has made learning a programming language interesting, exciting and fun!

I highly recommend anyone involved with front-end web development work with Kevin. You will be extremely grateful you did!

Kenuser experience designer & front-end developer

How does it work?

It’s simple:

That’s it!

What are you waiting for?

…or you can choose to remain handcuffed to jQuery for the rest of your life.

Your choice.

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