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Kevin Chisholm

JavaScript Code Review Services

Learn Object Oriented JavaScript by refactoring your own code!

Ok, so you've read Douglas Crockford's "JavaScript: The Good Parts". Or, maybe you just finished: "JavaScript Patterns" by Stoyan Stefanov. So, now what?

My JavaScript Code Review Services will help you break free of that "what's next?" feeling that is driving you nuts. You know you want to start using some of these fancy JavaScript techniques you've been reading about, but you are not sure how to "sprinkle that seasoning" on your code.

The good news is: It's much easier than you think!

How does it work?

My JavaScript code review services rate is very reasonable (1 hour minimum). The best approach is to split that hour up: let me review your code on my own for 1/2 hour, and then we will go over the code together via Skype & Google's Chrome Remote Desktop for the remaining 1/2 hour. Or, I can simply write up my code review and send it to you. Your choice.

Can I book more than one hour for a code review?

You can certainly book more than one hour for your code review. The more time I have, the more suggestions I can make. It's all up to you!