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Kevin Chisholm

Candidate Screening

If you are in the business of placing front-end web developers, you know how challenging it can be to identify just the right candidate. How many times have you referred a candidate to a hiring manager, only to get that dreaded phone call: "...hey that guy you sent me was terrible... what a waste of my time!"

"Kevin Chisholm is a top-notch expert in assessing front-end web developers. As a consultant, he was able to effectively evaluate each candidate's level of ability and technical skills. This meant that we were able to confidently decide on which candidates to present to our clients.

I highly recommend Kevin's candidate screening services. To recruit front-end web developers, he is an invaluable asset"

Helios and Matheson Information Technology, Inc.

Let a real front-end web developer screen your front-end web development candidates

The best insurance against damaging your hard-earned relationship with your client is to have your candidates pre-screened. As a Sr. Front-End Web Developer, I can phone-screen your candidate and give you an exact assessment of their skill-set. Their job history or presentation skills is your area of expertise. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are mine. After 1 hour on the phone with your candidate, I can provide you with a 100% reliable profile on their front-end web development skill set. I f they are weak, you can save yourself the embarrassment of forwarding them onto the hiring manager. If their HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills are impressive, you know that when you make the introduction to your client, they will be impressed with your candidate screening ability.

How does it work?

My candidate screening services could not be simpler. You find candidates and handle the finer points of the recruiting process, letting me handle the technical skills assessment. All pre-screening is done via phone, and as far as the candidate is concerned, I represent your company.

  • You have a candidate who you would like to present to a client
  • You contact me and we schedule a phone call
  • You provide only the applicant's name and phone number (The resume is optional)
  • I call the candidate as a representative of your company
  • I spend a minimum of 1 hour asking the candidate a series of questions about HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • After the call, I send you a report that tells you how strong / weak the candidate is in each area
  • You decide whether you will present the candidate to your client with 100% confidence
  • Your clients increasingly respect your screening services, as you only send them worthwhile candidates

Here are the skills I can pre-screen your candidates for:

  • HTML(5)
  • CSS (3)
  • JavaScript
  • Node
  • Object-Oriented JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Angular 1.X
  • Angular 2